[engagements] kirsten & sam, piedmont park in atlanta, ga

So, I am a bit WAY RIDICULOUSLY behind on blogging right now. I have made a promise to myself to get caught up on my sessions…even if its been a VERY long time since I last saw my peoples. 🙂 Plus, I would always feel like that thing has yet to be crossed off my to-do list, and well, you know that just can’t happen.

Sam & Kirsten actually go to my church, just a different town. I always love being around good company. They are AWESOME company. We decided on Piedmont Park for the location, one of my favorite places in Atlanta. One thing I really noticed in our session was how Sam is crazy over Kirsten. Yes, all couples are in love…but this was, like, that giddy, never stop smiling, butterflies, truly happy love. I am so blessed to be able to experience a couple together in love. It makes me want to be a better wife. Thank you Kirsten & Sam for allowing me to capture your engagement photos. Y’all rock!

shay-j engagement photography

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[weddings] circle e guest ranch, olivia & brandon

I am always so inspired by outdoor weddings, and especially those that involve anything “country.” When I arrived at the Circle E Guest Ranch, it was love at first sight. I was terrified that it was going to rain all day, but it turned out to be beautiful, just as I knew it would be.

The first time I met Olivia, I was seriously struck by how beautiful she is. Watching her throughout the day, I know why Brandon fell in love with her. She is an all around wonderful woman…a true blessing. I hope I did her justice in these photos. There was something special about these two that has stuck in my mind…I could really see them as that elderly couple rocking on their front porch, sitting in silence, and KNOWING that they gave each other the best life they ever imagined. I feel blessed to know this beautiful couple.

Olivia & Brandon, thank you for making us feel so comfortable and welcome among your friends and family. I pray that you always love each other with respect and service. Love is so much more than a feeling, it’s an opportunity to show charity to those who are close to us. I wish you nothing but the best…don’t ever forget why you fell in love with each other.






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[weddings] tori & ken, an intimate getaway in asheville

It is safe to say that this was my most laid back wedding to date. Most of the weddings you hear of are pretty big in size, including a wedding party, reception, months of planning…the whole nine yards. But this one…this one was one of a kind! When Tori contacted me about doing wedding pictures, I was SO excited because I’ve known her for years, so naturally I was thrilled for her. She then goes on to tell me that it was going to be just her and Ken. No. One. Else. How cool is that? I really felt like this is something I would be more apt to do myself (ok, so my husband and I went to the courthouse…it’s KINDA the same thing, right?). I loved the intimacy and simplicity of just being alone and in the moment.

I have to say that Asheville is one of my top favorite cities. What a cool place all around! Please enjoy these pictures taken in the art district of Asheville. The ceremony was held at the Biltmore Village Inn, a bed & breakfast. Afterwards, the beautiful couple celebrated at the Grove Park Inn Restaurant, where they had their first date.

Again, I am so thankful to this couple for allowing me and my assistant for the day to capture these awesome moments.



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[weddings] carla & derek, a journey begins in Hilton Head

When I got the call for a destination wedding, I. WAS. STOKED. It is a photographer’s dream to go to a beautiful area to shoot. It was such a laid back, super fun and beautiful day. And let me just tell you…the weather forecast for the week looked AWFUL. I was so worried that the whole day would be drab because of thunder and showers. I prayed and prayed, and I promise you, when I woke up the morning of this wedding, it was 0% chance of rain. True story. It turned out to be perfect. A little windy, but I will take that ANY day over rain. 🙂

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[weddings] ginny & shawn, hillbilly chic in tennessee

So Ginny and I were college roommates, and I could tell a BUNCH of really crazy stories…but I’ll save that for another day, maybe even another blog. 🙂

I had never met Shawn until the day they were married, and instantly, I grew SO happy for Ginny. He is so wonderful for and to her. I think if two people were made for each other, it is these two.

The venue for their wedding was at Bottom View Farm in Portland, TN. It is a neat little place with old rustic buildings and decor. They even have an old jail, post office, and barber shop. Needless to say, I was in photographer heaven!

Thank you Ginny and Shawn for having me capture your awesome day! I hope to see you all again soon! Also, a big Congratulations to the couple expecting a new addition to the family in December! I couldn’t be more happy for all the goodness happening!

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[portraits] heather shepherd, singer/songwriter/friend/angel

I joke with Heather saying “I bet you never get angry.” She may beg to differ, but I can tell you, this lady is really one of the sweetest, kind, and soft spoken people I have come across. I am so blessed to call her a friend.

She contacted me about a project. This project is for her album art due to release this year. And let me tell you…I have listened to the entire album….AND. IT. IS. AMAZING. Her voice…..man! So I urge you to check her out.


Go to iTunes and search for her. In the meantime, here are some of my favorites from our sessions together.

Heather, thank you for letting me be a part of your life. ❤

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