I’ve been having such a great week….with Zed being off and all. We’ve really had time to hang out and relax. In the midst of all my happiness, my throat has been killing me. And the really cool thing is, it hasn’t phased me at all. Cool.

My neighbor sent me this picture this morning and I about fell out of my chair.

Can you imagine coming across this MAN? I don’t know what I would do. Wait, yeah I do. 😉

Ahh. I love the holiday season…such a time for giving and sharing. What kills me though, is I think people get lost in all of the hub-bub (I admit, I do it too) and forget the “reason for the season.” My hope is that everyone will keep this in mind while you are with your families and friends. Say a prayer (or two). And be thankful for all of your blessings. We have no idea how blessed we are.

XOXO! Shay


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