Its been a while!

It’s been FOREVER since I last got on here. But picking up from where I left off, seems like we’re still sick. YUCK. With the temperature being 70 degrees one day and 50 and rainy the next, it’s no wonder there’s sickness in my household. I don’t see how Zed and Gavin haven’t caught it, but the baby and me are miserable. I’m excited about it ending soon.

Christmas was GRAND this year. I can’t stop playing with my iTouch, the most amazing piece of equipment I’ve seen. It’s a mini computer. WILD!

The boys are definitely spoiled, I’ve decided.

So Thursday night or Friday morning, we’re going to Orlando to meet my dad and my stepmom and family! I’m slightly nervous, but more stoked than anything! I love them already so it’s just going to be a great get-together! I seriously can NOT wait! I hope we get tons of great pics!

Gabriel is getting so fat, I can’t believe it. He weighed 18.4 at the Dr. yesterday. Unreal. This boy loves to eat! He’s on this Alimentum formula, than it $25+ a can. He goes through a can in 3 days. So you can imagine it gets pricey, compared to other formulas that are only $10+ a can. Porker.

I love my children more than air. I just need a vacation. šŸ™‚


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