Bloom 52 | Week 34 {Color}

“Red, orange, green, blue, shiny yellow, purple too!” Does anyone remember this song from childhood? Anytime I think about the ROY G. BIV rainbow helper, I think of this song…and I cant understand why they didn’t follow the correct order. I’m CERTAIN they could have made a melody with the correct order. It has confused me since.

This week, in our Bloom circle, the theme is COLOR. It’s pretty simple to just look around and see color everywhere. We don’t see in black & white…EVERYTHING has a color. I am most amazed at the colors of nature, especially when its a color you don’t see everyday, like the green grass or the blue sky.

Sunsets will always be one of my natural highs. Always. There is absolutely no editing done do this photo (as I never edit a sunset). I would feel like I’m messing up God’s artwork. 🙂

Now go check out Jessica Marchetti – Dallas Family Photographer, to see her killer color image!

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