Tutorial | Clothespin Picture Frame

I found this idea on Pinterest (no! really??). I love the old vintage look and the ease of switching out photos.
I picked up this frame from Hobby Lobby a while back as a prop to a photo session. Their frames were on sale so I got it for a pretty good deal. This was very simple to make and didn’t take long at all…given I had a 2 year old trying to work a drill and grabbing screws the entire time. 🙂

You need:

1. A drill

2. Screws

3. Wire, or some sort of cord or string will work too. I used this dark wire from Lowe’s.

4. Craft paint to give the clothespins a worn/distressed look.

5. Wire cutter

6. Clothespins

7. Frame

8. Of course, PICTURES! Which ironically, aren’t pictured. LOL!

Put 6 screws into your frame. You can make your own version. Maybe just 4 (2 rows) for bigger pictures? Just an idea. Wrap your wire around the screws and secure.

Make a hanger for your frame. You can also just put hooks on the back, but I like the hanger. 🙂

Paint your clothespins and let dry. You don’t want to ruin your prints!

Now hang your pictures! Viola! You are all done! Simple right? I love simplicity! And I love when it involves simple DIY.

Until next time,



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