52 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

First of all…
Happy Valentine’s day to everyone!

Being the craft master I am, I wanted to make something different, creative, cute, and romantic for my husband. I’d MUCH rather put time into making something than buy a gift. That’s just me though. 🙂

So of course, where do you go for such creative inspiration? PINTEREST! I saw this idea and KNEW instantly I had to do this for Zed at some point or another. Really, it could be done for anyone on any holiday.

52 Reasons Why I Love You


If you are not yet awake, the number 52 comes from the number of cards in a deck.

I brought out various embellishments to add to my project, some of which I didn’t use…but you just never know what will spark while you are creating.


Aside from the embellishments, you will need a deck of cards, scissors, a hole punch, 1 inch binder rings, cardstock or paper (I used red paper because it’s thinner and I didn’t want my book to be too thick), and a list of YOUR reasons. You can either use your printer or handwrite each one. I adore my handwriting, but I chose to print mine only because I usually hand write EVERY project. I’ve been known to change things up a time or two. 😉


I’m sure everyone would go about the process in their own way. It’s pretty clear cut what to do and how to do it. I did find that when you punching the holes in the cards, it is easy when you make a template out of an old card and hold them like this…


After you finish the holes, bind them with the rings.


If you fold a sheet of paper and cut in fours, it is a perfect length for the background of your “reasons.”


After I cut them all out, I used a glue stick to attach them to the red paper. I like the look of rounded corners, so I went ahead and did that on the white paper AND the red paper. It’s all about how YOU want yours to look.



VOILA! You have the cutest little romantic gift for your significant other.
So, when Zed came home from work last night…he walked in with these…


So you know I had to give him this…


Needless to say, it was a good night. 🙂 And it continues to be a GREAT day! He has been sending me a “special” text every hour on the hour. I am one blessed lady.



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