A True Treasure Found

Ok…I admit, I am a little behind on this story, BUT…I need to share. It is THAT amazing. I want to say I have heard of Vivian Maier before, but I can’t recall being this inspired by another photographer. EVER. If you don’t know how she got “discovered”, please do your research. It is worth every second.

I just want to know what she said to the people she got close to. Like, a lot of her photos look so posed, but something tells me she didn’t say “Look this way…now cross your legs…fingers together…no smile.”

Please enjoy some of my favorites.

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School bus drivers, box tops, Gabe, and pictures.


School bus drivers. Do we really think about how important they are? I was thinking about them a couple days ago when Gavin hopped on the bus from our house. We are trusting them to care for our children, without our supervision…someone we do not know. They take on such a HUGE responsibility driving that gigantor bus…with who knows how many kids. I know one thing: I could never do it.

Do we give them enough credit? I bet they get paid peanuts too. I truly appreciate all the bus drivers out there. And for helping in that SMALL way…taking a load off me, by taking my child to school for me. That is MY responsibility…making sure my child is at school each day. So, I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


While we are on the topic of school, do you collect Box Tops for your school? You really should! It’s a great program that donates $.10 to your school that participates. Most school do participate in this program, but if not, you can be a coordinator. They look like this: (pulled from the Internet)

And here is my stash that I need to actually send with Gavin tomorrow.


This week, my baby turns 2. I can not believe how fast time goes by. I know we say this all the time…but its crazy true. Happy 2nd birthday (Saturday) to my baby…Gabriel.

(complete with nacho cheese on his face…LOVE)


Where do you go when you need advice/a get-away/vent/etc/etc? Is it a person, place, thing, activity? I’m curious to see how others get away mentally. I know that my camera brings me a calm that I’ve never experienced before. I’m pushing myself to try new things and create new projects. It keeps me busy. I’ve always believe in the saying, “An idle mind is the devil’s playground.” It is so true. The great thing, is I can take my camera anywhere.


Why take pictures? Why is everyone a photographer these days? Why is it so important to document life? WHY WHY WHY??? LOL. Well, I think our memory only lasts so long. I love the fact that so many people are embracing the art of photography. There is no rule saying who can be what. If you want to be superwoman…then be it. If you want to be a rockstar…do it. If you want to take pictures for a living…make that money honey. I feel that if I’m gonna have a fairytale life/story like “The Notebook”. I may as well go along with it. My “notebook” is my photos. If my memory ever fails me, I can look back on those images and remember. Thats why.

Until next time,


Tutorial | Clothespin Picture Frame

I found this idea on Pinterest (no! really??). I love the old vintage look and the ease of switching out photos.
I picked up this frame from Hobby Lobby a while back as a prop to a photo session. Their frames were on sale so I got it for a pretty good deal. This was very simple to make and didn’t take long at all…given I had a 2 year old trying to work a drill and grabbing screws the entire time. 🙂

You need:

1. A drill

2. Screws

3. Wire, or some sort of cord or string will work too. I used this dark wire from Lowe’s.

4. Craft paint to give the clothespins a worn/distressed look.

5. Wire cutter

6. Clothespins

7. Frame

8. Of course, PICTURES! Which ironically, aren’t pictured. LOL!

Put 6 screws into your frame. You can make your own version. Maybe just 4 (2 rows) for bigger pictures? Just an idea. Wrap your wire around the screws and secure.

Make a hanger for your frame. You can also just put hooks on the back, but I like the hanger. 🙂

Paint your clothespins and let dry. You don’t want to ruin your prints!

Now hang your pictures! Viola! You are all done! Simple right? I love simplicity! And I love when it involves simple DIY.

Until next time,


Work in progress

I’ve always loved the idea of blogging, but I have an attention span like my 3 year old. Plus, I never felt the NEED to blog. But here lately, I’m starting to do things, for me. And if not one person reads my blogs, I will. I will look back on the days and the things going on in my life and laugh, cry, or do what I have always done in my journals….WHAT WAS I THINKING? I have recently gotten back into the modeling scene, and I love it. I love being able to meet others in the business that love art and fashion as much as I do, if not more. I have become friends with one of my photographers, Chris Bartelski, and his killer wife, Allie. I read HER blog the other day and she posted her “life list.” It inspired me to make one of my own. After all, I want to live life to the fullest just like everyone else. I hope my list inspires others to make one of their own. It’s my motivation for the future. Shayna’s Life List….or as most know it, My Bucket List {places to go}

  • Go to Cuba
  • Visit Ireland
  • Go to Hawaii
  • Walk down Rodeo Drive
  • See a lighthouse in Maine
  • Visit the SLC temple during the holidays
  • Eat sushi in Japan
  • Drive cross country with my girlfriends
  • Safari in Africa
  • Visit a volcano
  • Visit a real castle
  • See Titanic remains
  • Ice-skate in Central Park
  • Go on a cruise in the Caribbean
  • Fly first class again
  • Vacation alone

{people to meet}

  • Oprah
  • Dave Matthews
  • Jenna Jameson
  • Dalai Lama
  • Bono
  • Mehmet Oz
  • Nic Sheff
  • Elizabeth Gilbert
  • My father, stepmother, and their children

{events to attend}

  • Britney concert
  • Lilith Fair
  • Ellen Degeneres show


  • to speak Spanish
  • to surf
  • to play my guitar
  • a new word everyday
  • yoga
  • how to capture a great photograph
  • different types of dance

{sticking with it}

  • my scrapbooks
  • keep a written journal with all my personal thoughts and feelings
  • learn the Bible and BOM more
  • when somthing exciting happens, write it down
  • have a routine work-out schedule
  • drink only water for a month
  • dress up for Halloween every year

{thinking of others}

  • be a better wife
  • make someone laugh everyday
  • build a Habitat for Humanity house
  • volunteer at a children’s hospital
  • be the friend I think others should be
  • coach cheerleading for a high school
  • take my mom to see Celine Dion


  • a farm
  • tons of “The Wizard of Oz” collectibles
  • a piece from Tiffany’s

{living life to the fullest}

  • see my life made into a film
  • live in a different country
  • celebrate my 50th anniversary
  • celebrate New Year’s twice in one year
  • watch all the films on AFI’s top 100 list (11/100)
  • get a different haircut
  • have a floor-to-ceiling library in my house
  • make my own clothing pattern(s)
  • ride horseback on a beach
  • keep a garden
  • do my geneology as far back as I can go
  • keep an interesting blog
  • finish my college education
  • take art classes
  • make a book of pin-ups of ME
  • record a song in a studio
  • get all the tattoos I want
  • have an amazing art studio in my house
  • make love on a beach with jet black sand (thanks so the recording artist, Joe)
  • watch the sun set over the Pacific
  • have a whole wardrobe that’s MY style
  • adopt a child
  • write a song with clever lyrics and have someone come up with an awesome melody for it
  • write an entire story of someone’s life while people-watching
  • visit a vineyard
  • organize my personal photos and take more
  • design and build a log cabin with Zed
  • make wine
  • cook more
  • watch the space shuttle launch up close
  • chase a tornado
  • taste the best cheeses in Europe
  • write a book on my life
  • get a boob job
  • run a marathon
  • hike a mountain
  • ride on a train
  • jump out of an airplane with Zed on my back
  • kill a record book buck
  • hunt elk in the west with Zed
  • get lasik

There we go. More to come, I’m sure. XOXO!